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I decided not to move in and collaborate from outside instead

My dog just ate a mattress I bought 2 days ago to replace the one he ate last
  so you are lucky:)
Nah, seriously.
Just talked to Lucian and Daan over Gtalk.
This decision was hard for me.
The reason I won't move it (apart from monetary risk of being Haupfmieter) is that I'm going to be fully dedicated to things that take all of my time. I'll feel guilty of not being doing all the activities upstairs and working in the dungeon instead. And having the willpower to do everything right is something I don't have: If I moved, I'd probably work less, and get kicked out of Max Planck even (nah, kidding). I have serious doubts that working is the best way  to live; but paradogically, this means that even if I quit the MPI job, I'd be workning my ass off in the startup, so no difference. I don't think I'd make a good flatmate if I was feeling miserable like that.

From the chat:
having the same existential connundrum living in a house full of activities
  The trick to achieve mastery is not to have willpower
but to design an environment that makes the 'deliverate practice' that it takes to master something easy
  deliverate practice is painful
  piano scales
  repetitive drills
  learning vocab in a new lang...
  but you must do it to acquire the skill

A friend told me that I have enough projects to fill 4 lives
and I know in that house I'd take on more
  like learn piano better
That's exactly the opposite of what I should do right now

The house is like trying to be on a diet surrounded by gourmet food...

Anyway, you haven't gotten rid of me yet. I'll still want to attend some of the activities even if I have to bike to the house instead of jumping out of bed. And I'll spread the word and send any furniture donation offers etc I can find your way.

I'll keep reading this site, and hopefully talk to you in person often, just not as often as living there.

Good luck,