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posted Jun 20, 2009, 1:26 PM by Lucian Cosinschi

As some of you know I do acknowledge that there is a problem with me being the only one able to change some of the things on the site. I am glad this issue surfaced and we can use this opportunity as it would give everyone in the new group the ability to have a say in everything related to this project: overall name, web platform, slogan, colours, direction, principles etc. Obviously I will help with the transition and I will follow it because I think it may be an interesting project. However, I will not associate with it in the same way I used to. As it now stands this project is a very different project than what I had in mind. It seems to me that now even some of the basic things are in contradiction with the framework I am trying to build. While this is a somewhat expected (but not hoped for) development, I cannot endorse it anymore - please take the time to build/find another platform to work on, other than ProjectVolunteering.

 The things that changed are of various importance for me but some of them are part of the crux of my (personal) project. Here is a short, incomplete and unordered list:

-Actively friendly. It doesn't seem to me that this group makes efforts to come together in a friendly way. Obviously there are some efforts but the 'openness' is used for 'you are also allowed to be unfriendly'. 'We don't know what is good for you' does not mean that everything goes. Actively friendly is for me the basic social environment, it is the expression of trust. Active communication is a huge part of it - both in person and online. While forms and timing may vary, intentionally averting from it is outrageous.

-Living basics (apart from actively friendly). Rent, cleaning, working... Both the rent 'problem' and the 'cleaning' problem are, rooted in the same place-we're not committed to making of what we have a life. I believe every minute of my life is part of my life and I try to make it. Trying to mend the situation by rules doesn't cut it for me because I think rules are counter productive to the project I started. Rules point to problems but do not substitute our lack of interest.

-Action now – regardless of costs! I do see the value of spontaneity but I also see some of its weaknesses. I do believe lots of the problems around us come from being spontaneous (particularly tragic when well intentioned). Even if I do agree with 'action rather then non-action' principle I believe that thinking for a while before and after the action is by far the better way of doing it. Increment rather then having revolutions.  At the moment, I don't see a learning process, moreover and I notice a conscious move away from that ideal. Action coupled with no documentation is a particularly dangerous animal regardless of intentions. Patience is critical and, especially lately I find it lacking.

 For me these are things that worth drawing a line for because these are the basics of the world I like to live in. What we do is just as important as how we do it. Having rules for basic things and the way we turn to them transforms this project into something else.
 For me the name issue is along with rent, cleanliness etc,  just another symptom of the current situation. ( I already changed the names of the two people I know requested).

As this transition is a process it does not change any of my previous commitments in fact. For the near future I will still live at the house, keep my commitments, share what I can and work for the new project and the transition. Obviously I hope my taking a step back will not affect in a bad way the friendship relationships that I developed while working on this project as I believe we build something beyond one project or another. As time passes I will decide what part can I play in this new project but I feel I have to let you know that I am taking the time and evaluating various possibilities.