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Week Dec 22-28

posted Dec 22, 2008, 10:44 AM by Lucian Cosinschi
Last week:

1. Setting up a one day a week for chatting. Simply, anybody can show up at some hour in 1 place and they will find smb to talk to. A. Alive. B Online
I know this should be done but: it is complicated to do now to the point that it becomes less of a priority. I imagine that it will be easier to do this when we live together. However, having an established visit day&hour would give a clear opportunity to all interested.

2. First meeting - musically minded.
We decided to meet every weekend of Jan, Sunday at 5pm and jam, listen and analyze music together. See the calendar.
It was more of a scattered meeting - I talked separately with those who manifested interest.
Not sure how to make a meeting both relaxed enough yet have it on time and focused. In any case, the agreement I think we got was: let's try every weekend of January, Sundays at 5pm.

3. House warming - Shoenhauser Allee 146.
It was soo nice - thanks to all who came. We chatted untill 3 in the morning. Hope to have these often. We missed some people but we had the surprize that Andree showed up - and not alone.
I should get the pictures from who has them. Next time there should be a bit more of a focus on this.

4. One page of motivation and suggestion.
No idea what this was about. I guess I need to be more detailed.

5. Check the entire website for "old news"
Went through and slightly reorganized some of the content. Not everything (and I'm not sure if I should be doing it alone).
One if the issues - try to keep simple menus and one topic pages.

6. One page for Monthly focus explain, example, prepare for report

not done. Should have ready by the end of the month...say ~Jan 7

7. One page for weekPlan (motivation, example, issues)

not done. Possibly it is  too early.

Next week:

1. Follow up Schererstr. 8
2, Play guitar daily