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Week plan 19- 26

posted Jan 19, 2009, 1:11 AM by Lucian Cosinschi
Last week
Get ready with some songs for Musically Minded III. Sunday at 17.
not practiced but it was probably the nicest meeting so far. 

Go to the concert here. Tuesday at 13

done. and quite good. hope to do it next time.

Go to the Koepi Plenum, Wed at 18.

not. instead me and clayton talked about the outreach part and modified the website in that direction.

View and write about 1 movie. I was thinking to try to watch movies around a certain theme/style/director etc. and not randomly. Decide on that.not even thought about it

Ongoing> place?
nagged Vicky, had a meeting, still nothing

What are you planning to do this week

Tuesday Lunch concert the same place - 13.00 Berliner Philarmorniker
Sunday Musically Minded IV
Make a suggestion for the outreach page. (looking for help with this)
           Brainstorm - list of places for announcements - at lest 10.
           Write a couple of 50-200 words introductions.
           Maybe even post them. Who's going to answer them? Should we have a common email or redistribute on the way?
try to get a ' I don't like this in you' meeting