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WeekPlan Feb 9th-15th

posted Feb 9, 2009, 12:16 AM by Lucian Cosinschi   [ updated Feb 17, 2009, 3:56 AM ]
Last Week

Monday evening "Buy for a month", done (but only in part - eg there's little flour left after a week, but there seems to be enough pasta) "Money" meeting second part. - It happened on Tue. Not very succesful - all over the place, we don't quite have a common vocab.
Tue - Philarmonie Lunch Concert -done
Sunday Musically Minded, try to schedule a second meeting during the week. - MM Happened on Thursday (one of the best so far - and Sunday we even had a little gig)
Back to Communication focus - do the research (10 spaces) - not done but posted 4 Anzeige, quite low response, reorganize the "outreach" page- not done, Suggest a few stages - time focused, work on integrating maps, extend the Hospitality section with the target that guest would get more info - important change to the website, Home is supposed to enable quick view - anything else goes deeper.Modified the Hospitality page so guest can start communicate with each other.

work harder to do nothing for 30min every day - Impossible (I tried to walk, I went to bed earlier just to have time to review my day, etc) will try again.

No clear time:
Movie session - worked on it
"I don't like this in you" - not done, still needed.
Sport - not done
reading group - worked a bit on it. Decided that The Republic should be the start as it helps on several levels
other workshop - I think more then 3 is very hard to do.
TED sessions - couldn't find the right space for it

This week

Tuesday - Lunch concert - not done
Wed !?, Sun - Musically Minded - done
Sat - Permanent Dinner - done and nice

"Do nothing for 30min" - it's needed - maybe I should start with |think about doing nothing"
End the 'Communication' month - not very succesful
"Good Movies' - prepared