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WeekPlan May 11-17

posted May 11, 2009, 4:39 AM by Lucian Cosinschi   [ updated May 19, 2009, 2:26 AM ]
Last week

Website clean-up, go around and discover the content gaps. z. B. the 'history' part, calendar, etc - partially
Write down (here) the April's trip notesdone
Start the topic 'How are we not just party and socializing?', How do we develop a place where people have the possibility of contributing right away. Not started
New Monthy Focus - 'Mise en placeon the website
Update router firmware done from vs. .67 to .70

gardening at Rene's? nope
painting the dorm? (White! as it still smells of smoke) got the tools and cleaned the dorm. Still to do. 
reorganize the dorm, the workroom and common private to make it easier to be used as intended? How? helped cleaning but this has to be a social issue also

This week 
Try to create paths through the website. not really. it still needs to be a group thought about it.
 Visitor' - wants to learn more
 guest'- wants to get here, participate
 berlinerFriend' - wants to see what up
 thinks to move in - needs to get used to the way we started to use the site.
 moreorlessPermanent group - needs ways talk to each other
 other ?

Paint the dorm?  not at all - however, Clayton washed the walls so it just needs tapping and painting. It is watter paint so one warm day should be enough. 
  - wash the walls
  - tape what needs taping (maybe buy plastic tarp??
  - agree on the time/way 
 what do you think?

Think about labeling for electricity consumption. - What is the best way? no progress here even if it surely started some discussions. just don't let it die.
 Individual labels on each device + a table with all consumptions for comparison?

Meetings - there are many topics and a lot to talk about each. nothing happened but I managed to prepare a series of meetings for next week.
  e.V. ?
  getting another place?
  share How do we accept guests? 
  get travelers to contribute more and find ways for us to preserve and share what we get - brainstorm?
        what can we do to make travelers feel at 'home' faster? from the invitation, to being here, to participating from afar. 
 organize the house?  what is the right balance? 
 How do we give time to various issues?
 reserve money/money in general
 How come we pay by donation yet we're making exactly what we have to pay?
it seems that there are many interested in joining our project? how do we deal with this?
          what is the commitment level? how do we figure out what do do?
 ..other!? plenty

Anybody interested? Just let me know when you have time and how long do you want to give to the topic. I'm available most of the time and I believe every attempt at these questions is useful. 

successfully turned 29 

get dust bags - Daan took over.
phone http://www.szisch-immobilien.com/ for the 196sqm place I did and it resulted in an appointment to visit it 12.05 at 18.30. Very curious
what can we do more about the Keller key? It's been 2,5 months. It turns out there is no 'official' key for our basement. We just borrowed a key from out nice neighbour and undid the bike chain that was stopping us. We just added some square meters to our space. 
 At the same time we took the kitchen door up (we need handles for it) and finally the electricity number 941673. Do you know what was the initial?