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WeekPlan May 4 - May 10

posted May 4, 2009, 10:46 PM by Lucian Cosinschi   [ updated May 7, 2009, 3:47 AM ]
Last week

Wrap up in Romania and hitch back to Berlin. No stop but no hurry either.  It turned out to be the fastest ride so far - around 36h (no sleeping though)
Hug and rest when I get there. Oh, did that but it's never enough.
Touch and play my guitar. Not achieved, we had a small musical meeting but I was touching the drums, the cello and the piano.
Be a part of a few things that are organized. Not so much. I'm under the impression we're under-thinking some of what we do. We could do better, I'm sure.

Think about another place, maybe arrange a 'trip' to Heinersdorf. I took the trip by myself, the place is rented out already. Well...another one? Should that be a steady project?
 - what about e.Verein status? Nothing about this.

This week

Website clean-up, go around and discover the content gaps. z. B. the 'history' part, calendar, etc - partially
Write down (here) the April's trip notes. done
Start the topic 'How are we not just party and socializing?', How do we develop a place where people have the possibility of contributing right away. 
New Monthy Focus - 'Mise en place' on the website
Update router firmware done from vs. .67 to .70


gardening at Rene's?
painting the dorm? (White! as it still smells of smoke)
reorganize the dorm, the workroom and common private to make it easier to be used as intended? How?