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who am I?

Although this website, together with the Project, is currently sleeping, I will update my profile regularly.
Italian, in Berlin since april 2008.
Critical, healthy, dreamer, musician, ecologist, trash-lover, nerdish, punkish, hippy.
In love with noises.

My interests in the project

- Currently living in Berlin, in a place called The Cinema. It´s a regular flatshare with some community living aspects.
- Lived in a flat named Big Pink House. Besides without any co-housing project behind, Big Pink can be considered the prototype for a hospitality project: being 5 permanent (although it doesn't mean a fixed group/number) residents active on hospitality networks (CouchSurfing, HospitalityClub), we used to host a lot of people, mainly travelers. Exploring the possibilities of permanent hospitality is one of my current goals.
- I'm interested in de-growth, alternative/ethical ways of life, sustainable development, critical consumption. Small self-managed communities are the base and the minimal unit for ethical living.
- I'm interested in developing creative projects dal basso (="from the bottom"): it means without many resources, despite any academical/official cultural background.


-"3 Rs" philosophy: they actually are 4: reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.
- music: I'm an experimental musician, I make noise.
- cooking: my interests in food are from healthy stuff to junk food. I cook vegetarian.
- antropology/sociology: religions, politics, ethnology, cultural science; I'm a social animal interested in everything is social.
- fortunetelling: it's just a game, but an interesting one. I read tarots and use a pendulum.

Moving in?

I won't be among the people moving in. Big Pink is incredibly cheap and somehow still interesting as an "alternative WG". Of course, it doesn't mean I cannot have an active part in the project.


I started a website in the ProjectVolunteering network dedicated to sustainable life:
Sustainable Living


My musical project "Aida"  on Soundcloud
Spignatto - a recipe blog
Mago Berlino
Last.fm profile
My Flickr page
CouchSurfing profile
HospitalityClub profile


e-mail - g-talk: manuel(at)projectvolunteering(dot)net
msn: manu-lombardi(at)hotmail(dot)com
skype: manu.lombardi
german phone:  0(049)1776462112

Manuel's Log

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