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posted Oct 24, 2009, 5:50 PM by Manuel Lombardi

Home sweet home questionnaire – part 1

"What is my home?” 

  • What is your definition of “HOME” and “HOUSE”?
    Whenever you come back home and for some reason you don't feel comfortable there, you say: "I don't feel at home", therefore home is a place where you feel comfortable... most of the time
  • With how many people (min. and max.) are you willing to share your home?
    Dependws mainly on the house: in a flat, although big, but on one single floor, I wouldn't share with more than 8 permanent residents, also because I like to host friends and strangers without feeling packed.
  • You are now living @ PHB: Permanent Hospitality Berlin. What does it mean for you?
    Oh, I don't live there :P
    But I can say what the name PHB means to me: that in building a living project, we are inspired by values of good hospitality: open-mindness, will to share, curiosity, respect.
  • You are now living in a houseproject (oder HausProjekt). Why did you choose so?
    Ah-ha. I choose not to move to the hausprojekt because it was unaffordable for me since the very beginning, and because I like to have private space. Well, not really "private", let say just space: example: I love making music. Where I live we have many many instruments, most of them shared (few days ago I decided to move my sinth in the living room, for everybody to play). In a small Hausprojekt like the Caravan I would just keep the instruments in a case and use them once a month.
  • What is the best definition for the people with whom you are sharing the house? Flatmates, family, tribe, group of friends, acquaintances, collegues etc...? Why?
    It's something really close to family, at least this is the relationship I always try to create, not always works
  • Living in PHB: what is great and what is awful?
    great: company, having people around willing to help you, hearing stories and sharing experiences, living always in a "traveller's mood"
    awful: having so many people around and trying to be friendly with everyone can lead to enourmous stress. Other issues are symptoms of this stress. Also seeing a great potential not making the most because of small but big problems (like lack of space, laziness, lack of organization or experience) is pretty stressfull.

Home sweet home questionnaire – part 2

"a new place?

  • Does the Project need a new place?
    Oh, yes! Better more new places! I dream of a network of small (and maybe also big) houseprojects in constant contact with each other, organizing activities together and sharing experiences. But better start with one new place...

  • Should we keep the Schoenhauserallee 146 WG and extend the contract or not? If yes, are you willing to take over the contract?
    I'm not willing to take over the contract :P
    And, after a deep analysis, it doesn't look convenient to keep that place.
    Moreover, changing is good!

  • How big a new place should be? Only one or several?
    Several, and not incredibly big. I'd say it would be ideal to keep the size less than 200sm, with no more than 12 permanent residents. The kind of place that suits me the most is around 100 - 130 sm, with 5 to 8 ppl

  • What kind of place? Living space, workshop/rehearse space, public place?
    Getting a spacial place for other activities is untimely and unaffordable. But I'd like to consider space for workshops in a living space. For me, having a "music room" is essential (like our current living room)

  • Which range of price? Rent or buy or squat? How much are you willing to pay?
    I consider too much when is more than 200€ per person. Buy is a strong decision, don't think anybody is ready. Squatting is unsustainable.

  • For how many people?
    6 to 12. Who's interested, by the way?

  • Are you going to move to the new place? For how long?
    Right now, I'd prefere to transform Big Pink in this kind of place, and here is where I put my efforts. In the future, maybe moving in a bigger place.

  • How do you prefere to manage the space? Common dormitory or private
    bedrooms? How many rooms and for which purpose?
    mmm, private rooms help you to have an active sexual life, and since sex makes you happy, and I want you to be happy, I support the idea of private rooms.
    The experience in Schoenhauserallee made me think there was (is) a room too short: separating living/workshop room from guest room would be good, for example.