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(half)week 18 - 22 feb

posted Feb 17, 2009, 7:46 PM by Manuel Lombardi
This week:
1. prepare the electronic music workshop for sunday
2. find some cheap vegan cake recipe for our cake selling project
3. stay out as long as possible! breath fresh air! (with snowy limits, of course)
4. Thursday night @ Mano!
5. Wednesday cooking session?
6. (maybe) write an article about Tacheles for Senza Soste (countercultural magazine from my hometown)

Other on-going tasks:
- record smth. This week I would try a stochastic melodic composition: serious stuff.
- give Valeria all the support she needs from me
- bike!
- fight the mold!

last week:

1. fight the mold in Big Pink ep. 2: the Hallway

Now is so clean, and I didn't kill anybody with the smell of Surig+bleach! but the war is not finished yet...
2. cycling and move by bike, possibly always
done, except during w.e., becouse of the snow
3. open that hard disk and at least see what's inside
seen: there's mainly crap inside.
4. thinking about some workshop or activity: movie nights? massage/meditation workshop? morning yoga exercises?
see this week plan!
5. music: maintain the rythm of last week (practicing percussion, composing, recording)
6. convince Lucian to change the layout of the site
partially done. I'm happy now, without the red links ;)