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manuel says about hospitality

posted May 1, 2009, 4:32 AM by Manuel Lombardi
I've just noticed from the calendar that from next sunday you'll have 25 guests sleeping at the Caravan for few nights.
After our last big meeting everybody agreed about maintaining the number of guests under a reasonable limit: 10 is ok, few more is not a problem, more than 20 is absolutely too much.

Watching the calendar I had the impression that there are still some misunderstandings;
I repeat here some tips and suggestions about accepting hospitality requests:
- always check the calendar before accepting new guests
- since the calendar is constantly changing, ask people to confirm they are coming as soon as possible
- don't be afraid of declining requests, you're not supposed to host everyone who writes a request
- before accepting big groups, communicate it on the website and consider the possibility not to host anybody else but the group
- specify on the couch infos of your cs profile how hospitality works in the Caravan, it may help not to be overwhelmed by requests

I hope those tips can be helpful.
 We already had discussions about this topic, so I don't want to repeat anything already said, but I invite all the Caravan people to express any doubt about hospitality here.