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Music from Big Pink

posted Apr 13, 2009, 11:16 AM by Manuel Lombardi   [ updated Apr 15, 2009, 8:16 AM ]
I stole the title from a album by the rock band The Band.

Somehow the flat I'm living in - the Big Pink House - is a sort of sister of the Caravan, elder but smaller. For many reasons, I consider it as the prototype of the Project, and I'm noticing how I have already experienced here (in BPH) what is happening there (in PHB, ahaha!). So I thought I can write some logs about life here.

So, since the beginning of april there are 5 permanent residents:
Trevor (USA)
Mariangela (IT)
Brana (RS)
Liljana (BA)
and me (IT)

Trevor and I are officially the most experienced inhabitants, with more than 10 months spent living here,
Mariangela moved here the first of april,
Brana and Lily are staying for (at least?) one month, and they are here for an student exchange program with the university of Novi Sad. Friend Flohfish sent them here ^_^

The beginning of april has been a period of strong renovation: a friend moved out from Berlin (is actually a troubled story I'm not going to tell here) and wanted to get rid of what was in his apartment. We had the chance to take new furniture and some stuff for the kitchen, and now we have a classy and comfy living room/guest room and a new-looking kitchen. Unfortunately, we had to reduce the maximum number of guest to 4, since the available space is what it is.
Vicky contributed as well to the new look of the living room, with a wonderful donation: a black couch and a glass table, directly from Arnsberg (more or less half Germany away).

Since then, a nicer period seems to be started after some months of quiteness. Last week we had:
- Vicky's bday!
- night out: finnish experimental concert in F'shain + Karaoke
- night out 2: fetisch/carniball techno club, and bodypaint session right before
- HUGE Easter brunch in the garden! more or less 30 ppl, looong cooking session, enourmous amounts of good food, (chocolate) egg hunt. After the club we were a bit destroyed, we realized we cooked more than we slept...

Hospitality is once again one of the cores here, but we try to keep the number of guests limited, not only for space related issues, but also to have the chance to get to know all of them.

Soon we'll restart to have music meetings here! provided with a lot of instruments (some of them good, some of them toys) we're ready to organize jam sessions, acoustic covers, drum circles!

and, of course, you're invited anytime. There's always food and tea and coffe and smile here.