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Music from Big Pink volume 2 - The Food War

posted Jun 12, 2009, 6:40 AM by Manuel Lombardi   [ updated Jun 12, 2009, 5:38 PM ]
Take your knives and potlery, there's a war to win! Once again Big Pink has been invaded by free food.

Few weeks ago a new obsession conquered the hearts of some inhabitants of the Big Pink (Manu&Vicky): going to the Night Shop. In Berlin there are many Night Shops, even if we've already chosen our favourites: they are full of surprise (good) food, with scarce illumination, open all night long and absolutely free.
Last wednesday we found more food than we could carry, and we came back home with 2 big backpacks and a shopping bag full of veggies, as you can see in the pictures. Then started the cleaning part:


Good food for free is always appreciated. But we didn't consider that the same day we collected a lot of stuff from the turkish market... On Thursday having a huge vegan meal was compulsory.


The line-up:
Manuel: stove, wok, knives, chopsticks
Vicky: oven, cutting board, big-box-of-veggies
The Devourers: Manu, Vicky, Fernando, Jurgen, Dani, Seth (indirectely), Mariangela and who was at Big Pink at the moment

Later in the long afternoon we enjoyed the company of the youngest member of the Yellow Castle:



Grosse Gemuse Pfanne
Take a huge box full of green onions, broccoli, peppers, fresh green beans, aubergines, apples, carrotts, celery-like salad, garlic, ginger. Then you need tofu, salt, broth and (olive) oil [seed oil is also ok], coconut milk, gomasio. And few spices: oregano, cumin and Magic Paprika.
Set up:
- 1 or 2 cutting boards where to chop/cut/slice vegetables
- 1 pan to fry
- 1 wok to mix everything together. I used al lectric plate to cook with the wok, and the normal stove for the pan.
Prepare 2 glass of vegetable stack in the wok with boiling water, broth and spices.
Warm up the pan with oil and start fryng vegetables in this order: first garlic, green onions, broccoli, beans, ginger. Then peppers, white salad (?), apple, carrot. Then aubergines and tofu. As soon as the stuff is cruchy fried, tranfer it in the wok, where the stack is boiling on a low temperature. Once everything is inside the wok, add coconut milk and correct saltyness with gomasio.

A big lettuce, 2 apples, 2 peppers, cherry tomatoes, raddish, soy sauce, gomasio

Plum-Peach Chutney
Let garlic, green onions and peppers stir fry on a pan, add sugar and vinegar, then cooked peaches and plums and apples, stir regularly and cook on a low fire, add vinegar several times. Is ready when is creamy.

Vegan Cake with Plums
Ask Vicky

About Night-Shopping: