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Things I don't like

posted Jun 3, 2009, 5:21 AM by Manuel Lombardi
I don't like that the huge list of ideas and projects we planned together has been ignored
I don't like that most of the personal profiles in this site are empty or so
I don't like to push people to my interests, so I'll quit suggesting activities you're not interested in
I don't like the lack of organisation
I don't like that we're always partying
I don't like some behaviours I noticed recently, especially lack of respect (Christian)
I don't like you feel the need of scheduling everyday activities like cooking and cleaning (Jake)
I didn't like the pool around the tree, it was a pointless waste of water (water belonging to someone else, but still water someone should have used to drink or clean)
I don't like the lack of activities outside the Caravan and the difficoult way to pull people out of that building
I don't like food going rotten on the shelf without being cooked and eaten
I don't like my sleeping bag bag (sic) got lost when I left the sleeping bag at the caravan to be used by residents
I don't like the lack of a common shared vision on the project (but I like different pov on it)
I didn't like that, during the last meetings, a lot of people repeated: "I'm in the project because is cool"
I don't like the idea of promoting the project trying to reach the more people possible
I don't like the Caravan has more than 10 permanent residents and sometimes people living there loose the overview on who's there
I didn't like that some important activities were not communicated efficiently

Since I feel involved in the project as you are, this is not a j'accuse or a critic that doesn't involve me: I'm at least partially responsible for most of the voices in the list.