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Things I would like

posted Jun 3, 2009, 6:32 AM by Manuel Lombardi
Here I list things I would like to be realised for the project, if you agree on some points please communicate it and we can work on them together

I would like to have an online discussion forum board, a new one, since the Google one is terrible and nobody ever used it. I think is quite unconfortable to use logs as threads for discussions, and there are many good free providers. Unfortunately I'm quite bad in making internet stuff, so I'll need help if we decide to make one.

I would like to realize ideas suggested when the project was a little baby: see this page

I would like to make language classes, it seems obvious since together we speak uncountable languages. If you're into learning some basic italian, let me know

I would like to introduce some good practices on our everyday life: critical consumption, dumpster diving, energy saving projects, recycling food, fixing things. Tell me if you're interested in workshops, I wouldn't like to organize activities I'm the only one interested in.

I would like to organize a series of theoretical/practical workshops about natural medicine involving Sebastian and Paul Br

I would like to start personal websites on the network. Is possible for everybody to create and administrate wikis on projectvolunteering.net. I tried few months ago with sustainable living, but I was too lazy to mantain it alone, so I'd like to delete it, transfer the content into a personal website (crediting your job, Anick & Tau ^_^) and talk about everything I'm interested in. I encourage you to do the same, unless there is some kind of technical limit.

I would like to "reconcile" some people we don't see in a while with the project: Jose, Sonia, Charlotte... where are you?

I would like to have more activities outside since summer is here. Even stuff we usually do inside: what about language lessons in Mauerpark? with chalkboard and everything? sounds cool to me!

I would like to restart playing music together!