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WeekPlan 26.1-1.2

posted Jan 26, 2009, 7:08 AM by Manuel Lombardi   [ updated Jan 26, 2009, 8:12 AM ]
last week:
1. I would like to have a strong cooking session and teach you same basic but unusual preparation like yougurt, panir, seitan. Where and when, guys?? What about thursday or friday?
it was saturday. Well, great, it was a big dinner surrounded by piles of furniture. We managed to prepare a spreadable panir-like cheese, a good quantity of ghee, and some (really liquid, but delicious) yogurt for the morning after. Cooked a lot of vegetables in ghee, and some rice. Tau and Daan brought a fruity bread-like cake and a vegetable pie. The only thing that did'nt work (but is ok) was involving many people in cooking together: i think is anyway impossible in a normal sized kitchen.
2. document the point 1
well, there's not so much to document, except writing down recipes. Unfortunately the official photographer refused to work without natural light...
3. set up a decent percussion set for our jams, I started to hate the sound of my flappy-skinned daraboukka. It's worthy a visit in that nice percussion store in X-berg...
done ^__^ and daraboukka fixed
personal oriented tasks
1. working. For money, not for pleasure!
done. Next step is finding another job...
2. talk to Valeria, possibly everyday
done, almost everyday

this week

1. 3 days (monday to wednesday) of strict diet in order to depurate a bit my body. This period is full of parties, party means eating a lot.
2. update, improve, restyle my CV. Print some copies. Start to send it.
3. start working on new songs to plat live, record and master some other songs.
4. try to find some gigs for Aida
5. help the guys up in Pberg to organize their (our) space!
6. be prepared for the best housewaming party ever