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Week 29/12-4/1

posted Dec 29, 2008, 6:22 AM by Manuel Lombardi

Last week:

1. improving the Sustainable Living website with:
- at least 2 articles for the "health" section
- at least 1 articles for the "food" section (after bread and yougurt, maybe is time for Panir)
- create a shorter url (like for berlin.projectvolunteering.com). How to do that?
- involving for real other people
I'm quite satisfied, even if I failled in involving other people. But everybody was busy with christmas stuff, so is ok...
I love the article about natural medicine.
2. make fresh yougurt and document it
I did'nt, unfortunately. Possibly for Sylvester, it would be nice to have fresh yougurt to make sauces  with or for breakfast.
3. make christmas presents? maybe just 1, for Valeria.
Done. As planned, just for valeria
4. repair my 2 bikes!!

Almost done.

What are you planning to do this week?

Well, I don't see my girlfriend from september, and she's coming in berlin for 10 days, so I'll be totally devoted to love businesses.