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Week Dec 22-28

posted Dec 22, 2008, 4:26 AM by Manuel Lombardi
last week:

1. work on Sustainable Living website, adding contents, improving layout, involve other people in that project.
    More specific task: add articles on the "food" and "health" sections, set up the "theory" section.

Partially satisfied. The layout is now acceptable, but the site itself is still poor in articles. Failed the tryout to involve the others, I'm still the only one working on it.

2. improving this list and this map

Added just few points. Maybe is time to contact the groups in that list now and visit them.

3. cross the big city just to have breakfast/lunch/dinner with you guys

Completely satisfied. Despite the frenetic week I had (new job, problems with the bank, busted tire, 1 day of fever) I managed to be phisically part of the group quite often.

this week:

1. improving the Sustainable Living website with:
- at least 2 articles for the "health" section
- at least 1 articles for the "food" section (after bread and yougurt, maybe is time for Panir)
- create a shorter url (like for berlin.projectvolunteering.com). How to do that?
- involving for real other people

2. make fresh yougurt and document it

3. make christmas presents? maybe just 1, for Valeria.

4. repair my 2 bikes!!