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Week Jan 19-25

posted Jan 20, 2009, 9:13 AM by Manuel Lombardi
Last week:

1. working
I did more than usual... it does'nt mean I can't do more.
2. Ehi, ppl, I really want to involve you with the sustainable living website!
I started the wiki to collect and document our experience about community-living, but as far as I understood most of us don't have those experiences yet. A good idea could be organizing activities to be documented in the site. Thanks to Anick for improving, commenting, suggesting!
3. I noticed I'm less sociable than usual in those days. I should work on it
I feel reasonably better in this field
4. have a clear vision about what Big Pink will become in the next months
not yet...
5. suggest something for the next Musically Minded meetings.

it worked! so far, last sunday was the best jam session of the year ;)

This week

community oriented tasks:
1. I would like to have a strong cooking session and teach you same basic but unusual preparation like yougurt, panir, seitan. Where and when, guys?? What about thursday or friday?
2. document the point 1
3. set up a decent percussion set for our jams, I started to hate the sound of my flappy-skinned daraboukka. It's worthy a visit in that nice percussion store in X-berg...
personal oriented tasks
1. working. For money, not or pleasure!
2. talk to Valeria, possibly everyday