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WeekPlan 4 -10 may

posted May 4, 2009, 9:41 AM by Manuel Lombardi   [ updated May 11, 2009, 3:11 AM ]
The main task regarding the project by now is for me trying to understand wich direction are we taking. There are some new habits/decisions/behaviour I don't completely agree or feel comfortable with, and since I still think this situation is somehow temporary, I'll keep trying sending suggestions through this website.

I totally failed the main points of the weekplan last week:
be more present at the Caravan and suggest workshops. This week I will, instead, trying to understand the reasons why I feel like I cannot suggest anything interesting with the Project. I have many ideas about workshops, but they are probably not realizable now.
So, let's list the tasks regarding the project:
- Stimulate dialog and communication especially through the website   I consider this quite failed, especially regarding the bread workshop
- Think about open-air activities to realize instead of indoor workshops   Weather not so good
- Convince Lucian to put a sans-serif font for the recent site activity (trebuchet or verdana)  Tnx, dear!
- Musically Minded @ Big Pink or outdoor
   We had pastaMadre instead

out-of-the-project tasks:
- Turn the living room and/or the kitchen into a disco tomorrow night (WED)  We didn't, too tired
- try Jelly (
jellyberlin website ). You should try it to, maybe!  JellyBerlin need a new host!
- breed 1 kombucha baby and give it to someone interested and interesting  The Kombucha baby is ready!
- visit the small thing without name and his parents at the Yellow Castle, maybe cook for them and bring vegetables from the market (WED)
  Dani and the little thing were happy ;)