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Weekly entry

posted May 25, 2009, 1:37 AM by paul.b@projectvolunteering.net
So, last week:

Pacticed a little German, not much.
Got the caravan lounge pool up and running (temporaily!)
And had another massage workshop  - woo hoo!

This week
More German
Learn how to navigate this website once and for all!
But a ticket for beachcamp
Annoy Daan
Carnival of Cultures next weekend in K-Berg
Anny Christian
Plan my summer - I want to go couchsurfing, but I don't know where yet, or when (probably late July) or what kind of person I'm looking to stay with! Might sound weird, but I want something rural and countrysidey, but most of the host profiles seem to be centred around cities. Perhaps I hsould look in the groups by activity and see if I find people I like first and choose location second? Hmmm....
Annoy Ulla (nah... way too easy)
Annoy Tau (nah... don't have the heart!)