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Sebstian is on couchsurfing. He likes people, good food, diversity, peace & stability, yoga, qi gong and martial arts, photography & good movies. Knows about autism and environmentalism.

One things he does - follow the link for more:

Recently, Sebstian is more interessed in beliefs. He found out his beliefs using the Belief-O-Matic:

Also wondering about the limitations of chinese astrology as a model for personality traits such as the following descriptions:

Much more recently, Sebastian seems to find his way back into the environmental camp where came from. For now he is busy with a project for Friends of the Earth Germany, Hessen getting people to renewable energies: http://www.foe.org/

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Apparently, the Viking contributed:

The Tell-tale of Sebastian the Horrible:

Sebastian was once known as 'Sebastian the Horrible' among the Germanic Tribes because of his great victories in his battle against Sarcasm and Irony. Though he was fatally  wounded on the Battlefield by a sharp Verbal gutting cut from a mighty Man from the north. Be sheer luck and blessing from this years of training and dieting he somehow survived and is still among us today. Though his wounds have left him Idle and slow compared to the lean-machine he once was. He still makes attempts on gaining his former strength by training and dieting, but never in the same proportion as he used to. He is left as a man getting older and slows down every day, soon he will but be a Sponge or shadow of the former wonderful frame of a man.