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Hello family!!!

I don't mean to fall "with the door into the house" as the german language loves to put it, but I will.

I am looking for a home. I am looking for a family. I know I don't know all of you, but those I do know lead me to knowing I want to give this a try. If you can give me a try, if we can, if...

I hope we can have a profound discussion on this :)

I'm not sure how the situation is, how overloaded with people you are, how happy, splendid, blissful or exhausted, faithful, hopeless or enchanted -

- well, i hope at least happy is a fitting term -

who am I what do I want why do I live why do I care what do I have to give can we make this happen????

I am young, I am naive, I am hopeful, I dream - I want life to be beautiful! I believe, I know, that life is. I want to know what is possible, I want to realize that everything is, I need to change this world every day, I don't believe in selfdefinitions, I want to talk about this.

I want to give everyone a huge warm tender hug, I want to smile, and live. I can cook a bit, juggle a bit, sing a bit, i can write you a poem and give you an amateur massage. You can tell me a story and I will listen, you can ask me a question and I will look for an answer, you can give me a hand, Im quite sure I would take it. I love love and family and feeling home and being hyperly enthusiastic and deeply silent. I love people and animals and stones and wood and beings and souls, laughter and tears. I love reality, I love finding ways beyond. I love living without electricity but I do brush my teeth twice day, if not three times.
I get lost, a lot, but I believe there are a million ways, and all of them are what we may call "right". I'm all about sharing energy. I believe in dreams. I want to spread happiness. LOVE !! tenderness. I want to make things happen.

What do I know about communal living? I know I don't want to live without a community anymore. I spent a week in a squatted bike factory in Lljubljana two months ago, no electricity, no running water inside, communal food finding in the streets and markets, and I never felled so odd about taking a shower with warm water than after that. And I never felt as free, as energized, as human. I know, that's travelling, that's might be different, but I believe all life is a travel. I believe we are social animals. I believe being together is the first and most important step towards happiness. personal growth. communal growth.

secondly, I just came back from travelling through spain (never made it to morocco, but one day i surely will) living about a week at the benefico village in a tipi in the mountains by a little river between the trees, and i really am not sure how to deal with "zivilisation" of noise, noise, noise, streets, cars, noise, advertisements, department stores, television, roofs and walls and heating devices... yet i do feel drawn back to berlin, speed, humans, all very different kinds of energy - things that can be quite enjoyable - but i do need to bring some inner silence with me, slowness, breath, calmness, and i am strongly looking for souls to share these feelings with.

I believe humans need humans, community, just as nature, as energy, as food and laughter. I want to know how happy we can possibly be, how open, hospital, sharing...

bueno bueno bueno. PLEASE let me know what you feel like! How is your day?? How is life, how is love, how is family??

oh plus im in hamburg right now with my mom and my little sister, and i think ill come to berlin next weekend, so maybe we can have a discussion plus hug session and maybe me and my backpack can stay for a bit?

!!!!!!!!!!! MUCHO AMOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh plus i can contribute rent, and keep sharing my library card ;) and im starting studying finally, so soon i can give plenty of lectures on anthropology and theatre.... and invite everyone to my favority weekly jazz jam session. and, and, well. to be continued...

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