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getting to know sina denise holst

posted Oct 24, 2009, 7:18 AM by sina@projectvolunteering.net

1.      what animal best describes you

firefly. I might be small, but hell I blink in the dark.

2.      if you could transport yourself to any location in the world right now, where would you go?

Still here.

3.      what would you take with you (to the chosen location?

Heart, body and soul.

4.      complit the sentence: i get annoyed in the house when…

people ignore problems, or dont see problems. This is a general statement though, not directed at anyone specific

5.      complit the sentence: i love it when..

I fall asleep alone and wake up with three more people on our matress – I spend the whole morning in the kitchen and watch the conversation flow from mouth to mouth – hugging! - the doorbell rings – there is jogurt in the fridge - ….

6.      who would you choose to meet in a dark allee with a bat in your hands?


7.      who would you choose to meet in the commen privat room for more than a nice chat ;)


8.      what ability would you choose to have in a second? (playing guitar, speaking thai ect..)

think and feel through someone elses thoughts and feelings

9.      in my point of view, the greatest person ever to live is…


10.     what’s you best quality?

Making someone smile without warning.

11.     what’s your worst?

a mad ambition about fusbol.

12.     what would you like to do or accomplish before you’ll die

save the planet

establish a society based on tenderness

overcome words

redefine love

write a hundred novels

write one poem, that says more than all novels ever written

realize, that words never led anywhere

yet never be bitter

and still smile when im 105.