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home sweet home :)

posted Oct 24, 2009, 7:15 AM by sina@projectvolunteering.net

Home sweet home questionnaire – part 1

"What is my home?” 

  • What is your definition of “HOMEand “HOUSE?

    • A home is a state of being shaped of tenderness and care, it is everywhere I feel loved, saved, respected and appreciated, and am capable of giving all of those. Nonetheless it is a place of conflict, because it is the basis of growth, its where and whom I come back to in all states of being. A House is a building, a space, where you can establish a home.

  • With how many people (min. and max.) are you willing to share your home?

    • I cant say. I feel there is a too much, but I can impossibly put it in numbers. I havent lived here long enough to know wheter we are too many.

  • You are now living @ PHB: Permanent Hospitality Berlin. What does it mean for you?

    • Being home in a flexible, moving, changing, yet warm, open, caring, exchanging community. Coming home with the sensation of excitement about not knowing who will be there and what we will talk about, but knowing I am welcome.

  • You are now living in a houseproject (oder HausProjekt). Why did you choose so?

    • Curiosity. I want to know how life can be, and how I will want it in the future. I believe in communal happiness and sharing.

  • What is the best definition for the people with whom you are sharing the house? Flatmates, family, tribe, group of friends, acquaintances, collegues etc...? Why?

    • There is no such general definition. There are feelings of family, friends (though I dont distinguish clearly between both). People with hearts wide open?

  • Living in PHB: what is great and what is awful?

Home sweet home questionnaire – part 2

"a new place?

I want to live in a communal environment. A privat room is nice but no neccessity. I have colours and canvases at my old neighbors apartment that I want to be working with. My guitar as well. I think, public space is very important, as well as a clear seperation from private space. Of course a house with a store downstairs would be perfect, but I believe it is more about the will we put into this. Also, there is always public space we could use, if we were working on public workshops (famous eyample is the tea house). The question is more, what are we working on? is there a common we?

I cannot answer these questions today, because I dont know.

To be continued...