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08.06.09- 14.06.09

posted Jun 8, 2009, 3:25 AM by sonia@projectvolunteering.net
* Do the Languages Presentation on Tuesday (aaaaaaAAAAAAAAhhhh)
* Finish the Raku and Ceramics Workshop Paper for BB & LK
* Meet Manu! :)
*Travel to Würzburg by Late Friday/Saturday

What's up else?
*My beloved Daihatsu Charade (some of you might remember my car...) IS... NO MORE! I cryed and kept the license plate.
*I am awfully busy with university... yeah, big news. :\ Do feel free to contact me, though. I'm trying to HAVE a social life with friends...
*Since approx. December, I'm washing my hair with silicone-free shampoo only, not buying any more cleansing products in general. Also, I got rid of consuming hormones and anything what I considered "too much". My mind feels lighter, but I'm astonished what impacts it had on my body! I'm pretty sure im losing unusual much hair. I counted the brush today and it was 104 hairs. Oha.