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Feb 16th - 22nd

posted Feb 17, 2009, 4:10 PM by sonia@projectvolunteering.net
Monday: spent the day on the airport :P
Tuesday: slept all day and wrote some smaller things, watched
http://veg-tv.info/Earthlings and http://veg-tv.info/Ware_Tier_-_Teil_3_von_3:_Auf_der_Suche_nach_dem_frischen_Fisch
did a lot of research for OAKG workshop project, stumbled across that: http://www.hkartclub.com/painting/painting312.html got into the goddess marichi, marici, marishite, özer chenma and so forth
http://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/TL86/ (tibetan)
http://www.paghat.com/images/marichi.jpg (chinese contemp?)
http://www.geocities.com/directx_user/gallery/dipper_mother.jpg (chinese, prob. tang dynasty)
Wednesday: go downtown ->go shopping for fair boots, fielmann, 2nd hand trousers, write to CS hosts, bring my mom's letters to the post office, do the dishes, prepare for thursday, email to a lot of people
Thursday: chose a text, set the polylingual (OAKG) list up, meet up with Marichi for dinner, sweat a lot, survive the stage.

MANOSLAM! (poetry and prose)
Beginning is 20:00
>>Mano Café
>>Skalitzer Str. 46a (Ecke Lausitzer)
>>10997 Berlin
>>U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof

~~Please come and support me !! :D~~

Friday: go to library and scan the a+u article, send email to baller architects, maybe go to hkw and watch a movie about china (haha surpise surpise), check books (library online)
Saturday: welcome parents back
Sunday: get ready to leave old germany for two weeks ^^

Feb 9nd - 15th
Last (well two weeks ago...) week you estimated you are going to:

Friday: Uni/ Museum/ Sleep

Saturday: KÖPI PARTY???
YES, but swapped quite soon to another one... haha... i can recommend the soul explosion@ lido!

Sunday: Sleep, go to music jam @PH house :)
NO... sigh, but met up with the lovely people on last sunday ;D

Monday: meet up with 小汤 german class time!

if there's time to spare:
*find a home for my last two fishie fish fish fish ><<))))o>*<o((((>><
YES finally!!! thanks kijiji...

*draw a schedule for the vacations
NO... not done yet

*bake sth... cookies? bread? both?
NO... but i tried to homemake sushi and onigiri again -_o

*find out about that german teaching institute, get some copies of AB's or sth...
NO, don't need it anymore

Before the weekend:
*find CS host

*get my money back from the two old girls