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This week.

posted Jul 15, 2009, 8:29 AM by sonia@projectvolunteering.net
Oh dear, it's the last week of this term!


Thurs: Exam and presenting Raku Workshop results and go and grab one of those "Apocalyptical" places... hehe... Mrs Z here I come.
Fri until Sun: Herborn, Stuttgart, Herborn
Sun until Wed: Bochum, Düsseldorf (EKÔ) maybe also Bonn Kunsthalle, Cologne

Eh... well? Writing essays I guess. Further will be published on my uni blog (I doubt people are interested in my blabbering about uni stuff anyways...) This blog will be used for things related to PV only from then on.

I have heard Manu saying he is interested in me doing some kind of workshop, is anyone else? If so, what should I teach you?
My current interests are

*Putting east asian text into computers without understanding it = PEATCUT(tm)
*How to research in Sanskrit (Buddhist Canon)
*Tea (Tea Ceremony, Tea Ceramics, Tea Leafs)
*censor seals on yakusha-e
*Illuminated Manuscripts of Apocalypse and Apocalyptical texts in the bible.
*Analytic methods based on EDX and XRD (bronze and ceramics)
*Analytic methods for paper and Preservation of ancient scolls
*Being able to express myself using "academic speech" in English instead of "10yr old girl talking speech"... boohoo

For anything else... like... creating soaps or shampoos or packing the perfect o-bentô or whatever, I am afraid, won't be too much of time!
Please comment :)