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Week Dec 15th - 21st

posted Dec 15, 2008, 4:25 PM by sonia@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Dec 18, 2008, 7:05 AM ]
What do you plan to work on this week?
shibakeru! murphy is watching you.

1. write! finish and hand in essay (hinrich baller), applications, susLiv/ altLiv
status: work in progress

2. re-socialize: tau's party, hammam/zauberflöte. go to xmas parties without eating the cherries off the whipped cream and complaining about their sweetness. start loving people again. be positive, smile when talking and the like. >:(
status: eh... gragh?

3. set spring/summer plans and finally decide where i'll end up, when, what and how much money i'll get for doing so... :P
status: argh!!!

detailled schedule:

monday: already survived !!
tuesday: get up early, cook tofu&noodles, take them with me, go to museum, stabi, run to KHI, attend OAKG xmas party, eat a lot, tickle professor for further infos about that tutoring job (am i needed in ss09? money?), eat even more, talk with my kabuki teachers right and left hand, rush to taus birthday, gaze at danis belly and compare with my own (buffet?), fall asleep on the sofa/ubahn/bus/street/bed
wednesday: sleep, finishing details of essay (approx 5h?), decide if going to lecture (4-6pm). meet chinese friend in the eve. decide if put further effort in spring plans are realistic or not, if so start to send applications to beijing immedeately, if not, prepare for summer plans, contact DAAD asap in any case. call janine at some point.
thursday: get up as early as possible, look through essay again, completely re-write it, go to class 2-4pm, hand in essay. pat own shoulder if managed to do so, if not, sneak in prof's room and hand in essay. go to KHI insitutes xmas party, eat a lot, go and have a drink in the evening, or do something fun at last. (stroll along the gasleuchtenpromenade i heard about? write my collected recipies down for sustainable living? cook sth nice? read umberto eco?) go to a lecture of Prof Ledderose, a "koriphäe" and world wide recognized expert of east asian art history!!

archievements so far: rewriting my article (still...), contacted DAAD, ran from one FU bureau to the other, got coffee addicted, stood several friends up...

friday: possible: poetry slam ; zauberflöte contact me if u want to join. (phone or text!!)
saturday: eki.
sunday: grandparents.