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posted Nov 26, 2009, 3:20 PM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Nov 26, 2009, 3:25 PM ]

This is a tag cloud of all my log!


posted Oct 15, 2009, 7:11 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Oct 21, 2009, 7:27 AM ]

21 october
Yesterday we went to Trader Joe's Night Shop. More than amazing, a real pilgrimage of families and bikers. People also come with their cars, 20 ppl seeking together towards lesser waste.
Also went to Coney Island and Brighton Beach and ate their delicious Russian food ( it's the rusian neighbourhood).
Some informations very many thanks to Trevor Caldwell.
It's so rewarding to be at somebody's house and listen to them talk about this city. It feels less hostile, because ny can seem very hostile.
Tonight we are going to Anthology film Archives and for Jonas Mekas this must be very exciting, but for me even more. We are going to see the premiere of Jason Shahinfar, Valentina's friend.
Hoping there will be minutes of the meeting soon, I was told it was very good.

Staying now at Valentina's place, one day with Clayton, pbbly we can't visit Trevor but sure we will see him when he comes back.
It is great to be at her place! 
It has been raining and cold like hell, we saw so much art and I fell in love with Kandinsky again. 
I payed donated for rent for november. So at least some days I will be in Berlin!
Clayton said I could sleep with him, also somebody else and Yoad said I am small and can sneak in everywhere.

 Pentapussy is having lots of fun in our family trip! He travels in my pocket, when he is tired he lays for a while in my backpack.
(see where you take him Daan...!)
deClayton Mitchell <claytanic@
per aTAU* <
data14 / octubre / 2009 23:29
too bad i am flying into new york on Saturday which means we can all have a huge orgy of fun


On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 3:55 AM, TAU* <scubalaica@> wrote:

Hey my beloved Clayton,
How are you?
I read you were sick.
But I didnt read you plans about Ariane and your visit to this continent.
I think thre wont be time to see each other. Trevor ws asking about it, I can only wish that our souls cross in the sky when we fly so near and that I will see you and kiss you when you are back in the old town in Berlin.
Have fun!

We talk things from here:

posted Oct 7, 2009, 12:53 PM by tau@projectvolunteering.net

D: Wow Tau, come look! They wrote so much on the website! There´s almost two pages about bad communication. Isn´t that ironic?
T: Really? Well I don't know if we have time to read it, I need to pack. I'm feeling strange about why are we doing this. Why did we start our project anyway?
D: I think we just wanted to do stuff together, in group. For me, that´s achieved. We cook together, we clean together and we have nice dinners on Saturday. And above all, we complain together, often about cooking and cleaning. I think for me, we kinda achieved what I wanted for my project already, we´re just working on making it better.
T: I think the scale is gotten so big that it's impossible to keep a dialog and actually bring things into practice. It doesn't mean we agreed on something just because we didn't talk against, the whole deciding and organizing is gone out of our hands. We create large irrelevant texts and for example, for me, my life needs a big different focus right now.  There is no large term commitment - makes changes useless and impossible.
D: Well, then just do what you need to do, and don't invest your time and energy in the other things. Can it work with not every single person having an opinion about every single thing?
T: In the ideal place we would have agreed already in basic things, and slowly learn from daily matters. In this place we are trying to agree on what colour should our socks be and yet do it online and through daily talks.  
I wish I was a newcomer member, i'd be so much easier to live there for 2 months and then leave. When I walked into my door in Barcelona I felt relieved to be in a place where I could live under only 2 ppl's rules and didnt have to take care of 20 ppl's happiness. After 2 days it doesn't look so bad anymore. But I wonder if there is space for me in the house right now. I REALLY don't want anybody out, but stil I don't feel there will be a bed for me if I'm back.
D: Personally, I can´t care for everyone all the time. I hope people ask me when they need some care, and I would get annoyed by some people trying to care for me when I don´t need it. Same goes with other issues. If somebody cares about the sock colour, fine. But I´m cooking.
Anyway, right now I´m going to care for you and make you pack, so we can go to bed at a decent hour.
T: I wanted to live in a community because that is what made sense for me. There weren't really further considerations.
pack pack pack

How daan and me rhyme almost all the time

posted Sep 16, 2009, 6:18 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Sep 16, 2009, 8:14 AM by Unknown user ]

but he is so good, I can beat him oop!

Daan:  From Tau I didn't hear a peep
maybe it's due to a lack of sleep?
I thought she was seeing someone else in the night
but it turned out it was bugs giving her the fright
now she is yawning all the time
and she is not able to rhyme

Daan: but now you are freed
Tau: that's all I need!
Daan: and a small seed
Tau: so we can breed
Daan: at amazing speed
Tau: and I will lead

12:02 PM Tau: how how!
12:03 PM me: how are you nwo?
12:04 PM Tau: fine
12:05 PM me: do you ring and chime?
  or swing from a vine?
12:06 PM Tau: both
 me: then your mental state must be in decline!
  although the teddy bear murder was mine
12:08 PM Tau: but he is blind
 me: is cooking together tonight something to which you would be incluned?
12:09 PM *inclined?
12:12 PM Tau: well cook black passion fruit and the leaves of a pine!
 me: maybe to chop up clayton is now time
  his consistency is like rabbit, long and stringy
  which is just fine
12:13 PM Tau: he doesn't really adjust to our product line
 me: he is too klein?
12:15 PM Tau: not klein, just too rough for our taste in wine
12:20 PM me: beating him with the hammer might make for a better dine
12:23 PM Tau: we can have as many eaters as pieces in his spine!
 me: ok, here i draw the line!
  eating his ass is barely worth the time
12:25 PM Tau: you want to dissuade me from this exciting crime?
12:26 PM me: no, I think it would be prime
  if we use a pinch of thyme
  maybe some lime?

21 minutes
12:47 PM Tau: lime would make it way to slime
12:48 PM me: not really correct my dear
 Tau: ?
 me: your sentence
  but I laud you with applaud
 Tau: fuck you!
  why not!
12:51 PM me: slimy?


posted Sep 8, 2009, 12:48 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Sep 9, 2009, 4:30 AM by Unknown user ]

Im going to Christians house in Denmark right now.
I REALLY hope I have the opportunity to see Fabrice's doc, and also listen to his story another time. Please Fabrice!

So they left, Keinst, Chloe, Christian and little Tau

They split up according to hair colour

And keinst and tau arrived at 2.30 at the farm

And everybody at home rejoiced


posted Sep 1, 2009, 7:30 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Sep 22, 2009, 2:13 AM ]

So Anna is here already, we want to go to Teufelsberg!

Also we got the dietomicious earth, aparently makes the bugs diet hard till they die.
Thursday to Sweeden. I havent decided yet if I want to go, because my friend will be here until sunday :(
I would like to come over at Big Pink maybe tomorrow wednesday night? And see Manu Vicky Trevor and Mariangela and whoever else is there and show it to Anna my friend. Can we come over?


This is a recommendation from my mother. trans

Also, I am transcriving Chole Caldwell's interview and making a colour animal curtain. I'm gonna organize some of my pictures because I need to pucblish a couple soon in 2 of my blogs. Actually, right now I'm about to yell out the window so that the construction workers stop making holes on the ground.

My doctor friend Anna is coming on monday Hooray!

Started the month with some wonders

I am making books, I'll make more!

I taught german today, I plan to do it for 1 hour everyday when I can (until I can't teach anymore and then we definetly need a native speaker, or an experienced teacher). Jeremie was happy with my teaching

I'm up for picking some fruit for some days!

I was gonna go to MawaHata for the opening party. That is today so I am not going there anymore for today.

Yesterday I went to the lake.

4rth week

posted Aug 24, 2009, 4:04 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net

I need to buy plastic that sticks in my europe map!

Also Im gonna go to the asian store.

I'm gonna see my friend Nacho and also maybe Irena. He is visiting for some days.

I am gonna check the chinese courses.

I'm gonna have a Sewing session with Theresa most likely today. We're gonna saw some of the stuff we found yesterday, LOTS of clothes.

I'm gonna paint and draw.

I'm gonna send the pictures to my family. Also the photos to print for my mother.

I'm gonna think.

I'm washing all the bedding stuff and I'm gonna freeze my blanket for some hours.

I'm learning piano because we have 2 teachers in the house.

More things to come.

Also Clayton is to come.

August 3rd week

posted Aug 19, 2009, 8:34 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net

I started this week coming punctually back to Berlin after 2 complete weeks away.

Monday we went to the Playground and jumped very high.

Tuesday we had a rather unproductive meeting where we saw each other's faces. We were many, and with different goals.

Wednesday is today and I just finished a Photography Lesson-sharing with a couple of very interested people. We all learned stuff and they definetly like Camera Raw. (I remember the person who did the Camera Raw trick with me 2 years ago).

Now I'm eating the very little iogurt left with speculoos pasta (please forgiveness). Please iogurt is good.

Tomorrow there is planned a Casa Robino Share session.

Friday I'm in love!

Odessa and so

posted Aug 10, 2009, 7:34 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Sep 30, 2009, 2:44 AM ]

I went to Krakow easily in some hours with Jeppe, then made it to the Rainbow gathering in 2 surprising days with Robin and then to Odessa to all the other Hitchhikers in 2 more days. Slept in tent many days and it feels so good. Thank you Theresa for lending it to me (sorry for not asking)
Thinking on putting my feet on the road again. Looking forward to see you all, and to clear out my mind.
I love you much more but now it's impossible.
See you soon.
Too bad I dont have a calendar with me, neither my complete map of Europe. :)


posted Aug 3, 2009, 4:29 PM by tau@projectvolunteering.net


I am in Krakow, traveling towards Unkraine for the 789 hitchhiking festival and other sthings.
Take care of Daan! And Imiss you all already!

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