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27 abril fins al 3 de maig 2009 WEEK PLAn

posted Apr 27, 2009, 4:55 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated May 5, 2009, 3:35 AM ]
Thursday aft
ernoon I took  bus to Coenhagen City to explore i fr the first time and to discover the of the world and mysteries of the Rickshaw driving.
Staying with wonderful guests, and guided by Nicolas, I will stay here untill sunday at minight! Succes but pain in my foot.

I want to make the best of the chocoholics VS Karaokeholics night. I am actually part of both teams! - I couldnt assist. How did it go? Did it go?

I want to organize my pictures, edit and print more. ajem

I plan to tidy up, clean, cook or relocate things at home every day. done sorta

I want to help and participate in Chris and Clay's new project of the down the street Caravan Lounge space. success

I want to help Emma sell her stuff in Mauerpark and maybe sell some of mine. I was away...

I want to eat some chocolate now but surely I won't. well only some

I wanna go running at least one day, chris, hook up with me. no needed, the weekend was sport busy

I want to make some drawings and paintings. I remember cut out an ice-cream froma flyer

Organize my apparently busy weekends in may. We are going to Belgium soon.

Sew some stuff with machine. ---

Water the plants. yes

Get profiles for all. they got them, do they use them??

Make Daan smile, and admire his blue eyes. I missed a lot.