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How daan and me rhyme almost all the time

posted Sep 16, 2009, 6:18 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Sep 16, 2009, 8:14 AM by Unknown user ]
but he is so good, I can beat him oop!

Daan:  From Tau I didn't hear a peep
maybe it's due to a lack of sleep?
I thought she was seeing someone else in the night
but it turned out it was bugs giving her the fright
now she is yawning all the time
and she is not able to rhyme

Daan: but now you are freed
Tau: that's all I need!
Daan: and a small seed
Tau: so we can breed
Daan: at amazing speed
Tau: and I will lead

12:02 PM Tau: how how!
12:03 PM me: how are you nwo?
12:04 PM Tau: fine
12:05 PM me: do you ring and chime?
  or swing from a vine?
12:06 PM Tau: both
 me: then your mental state must be in decline!
  although the teddy bear murder was mine
12:08 PM Tau: but he is blind
 me: is cooking together tonight something to which you would be incluned?
12:09 PM *inclined?
12:12 PM Tau: well cook black passion fruit and the leaves of a pine!
 me: maybe to chop up clayton is now time
  his consistency is like rabbit, long and stringy
  which is just fine
12:13 PM Tau: he doesn't really adjust to our product line
 me: he is too klein?
12:15 PM Tau: not klein, just too rough for our taste in wine
12:20 PM me: beating him with the hammer might make for a better dine
12:23 PM Tau: we can have as many eaters as pieces in his spine!
 me: ok, here i draw the line!
  eating his ass is barely worth the time
12:25 PM Tau: you want to dissuade me from this exciting crime?
12:26 PM me: no, I think it would be prime
  if we use a pinch of thyme
  maybe some lime?

21 minutes
12:47 PM Tau: lime would make it way to slime
12:48 PM me: not really correct my dear
 Tau: ?
 me: your sentence
  but I laud you with applaud
 Tau: fuck you!
  why not!
12:51 PM me: slimy?