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It is JUNE, can you believe it? by Tau

posted Jun 2, 2009, 11:42 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Jun 22, 2009, 1:21 PM ]
Fourth Week

Go to the Job Center and ask about my rights. Post in CS about it.

Pay 180 of rent or more if needed.

Find a place to print pictures. Print them.

Make the 2nd meeting successful.

Get a chat with my work administrator. Find a solution.

Sell something in Mauerpark on Sunday, we have a reserved table with Emma, who is back for little days.

Get The Bike from Nicolas place and from Constantine.

Work only wed-thur-fri.

Manage not to get crazy with this machine absorving water out in the hallway.

Stop using toilet paper, gradually, or use it less times. Somebody stole the small green towel I was using for that. Strange.

Third Week

Bake cookies with sister /dinner with friend
Organize all I wanna bring, see what I can bring

Ask advice about what to see in Milano on wednesday. Ideas?
Had an exciting day in Milano. Managed to get to the city for quite cheap, walked around for 6 hours. Ate the best ice-cream I have ever eaten in my life.
Fell asleep in front of the Camera de comercio or something similar. Got approached oly by black men. I managed to get all my luggage though the Ryan laws.

Make a meeting this week, wait to see what is ppl's opinion about the meeting.

Take over a couple of things very strongly.

Second week

Make a couple of signs for the house:
Keine Werbung
Please take off your shoes
Something about the trashes and recycling

Sew some more.

Pay more atention when I use knives and touch oven. Avoid cutting my fingers and burning my skin.

Prepare my week at home in Barcelona - where I will be Thu 11 - Wed 17
Catch up with: All family and Ginesta, Anna, Altea, Victor, Boris, Nacho.
Go to the doctor?
Gather my stuff
Relax very relax and go to the beach, walk around, cry a bit, take a deep breathe.

First week

Tell the weather that is almost Summer. Swim and all that, maybe.

Thursday the 4th of june!
Go to the market in Hackesher markt and buy a cutter that my sister knows and Daan too. Sold out. Such precious object.
Go to the free shop since I think only opens on thursdays and bring them some stuff, find some useful stuff. No
Do some handicraft work.
Buy a buquet and a mope to keep the trash tidy. Vileda brand is not a spread mope in this area.

Sunday the 7th
DIY fix clothes
Brunch at Scherer, all invited
More DIY

I have added to my calendar below the days I work.
Feel free to offer me activities the rest of the days that I don't work: this includes -
SEWING Session: For all those who need to fix their clothes or similar. I have a sewing machine and some threads and we can do a DO IT YOURSELF SESSION
NEW batch OF THE VERY BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP: This is a workshop for beginners that wish to learn to use their cameras and a little bit of technical info.

Enjoy the time that Anick is here and sinerge into good things.

Brezeldough  Baking. Some frozen pieces that me and you if you want to will bake together into nice shapes and words one of these days. When?

Celebrate my mother's birthday. Oh, well, that's on monday.