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Last week news report in the Caravanse house!

posted Mar 30, 2009, 2:27 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Mar 30, 2009, 3:31 AM ]
I hang a small selfmade (Sofine way) notebook in the living room. The purpose is to allow people who like the project to leave their email. When possible or when we want to we can send them small newsletters with info about events that are going on here or that we are interested in. So far it is empty but the cover is happy and smiling.

The dishwasher had a problem. Acording to 1 source somebody put the cups and mugs facing the sky in a way that they retained all of the water instead of being cleaned. The somebodies emptied the cups but the machine never worked again. A very kind friend of the Caravanse house happened to be here yesterday and dedicated his precious time to open the machine and scratch its intestines and lever but found no solution to the depression. It was Rene of course.

Me and Chris wondered wether this recently bought machine that we 6 payed together had any kind of Warranty or Garantie because it hasn't been used for more than 3 months (although intensively).
Chris wondered if we should buy a new used machine, a bigger or a new one. All questions stayed on the air.

Lucian has entered in a period of strong changes. Acording to several sources he spent more than 10 hours talking to somebody across the Atlantic ocean (due to previous get to know of a couple of days here in the house). After sleeping for one hour he grabbed his camping tent, sleeping bag and big bagpack and hitched his way into the Austrian lands. He plans to stay in a recently discovered university program during 1 week. It is called Peace and Conflict studies and is based in the countryside of Austria. 40 students (from more than 20 coutries, 3 of them visited us last week) share a building where they live and attend to talks and seminars during one whole year.

After that Lucian plans to head to Romania and be only back in may.

Clayton is having his trimestral vacation the 1st of April and intends to get to Istambul and back in the 2 weeks he has off. Some other inhabitatns of the Pantless House are thinking if should or not join them, whereas very annoyed with work and actually willing to go to barcelona (for short days) instead but trying to balance what is better and what is not.

Recent news about July, some cousin (nephew) of Daan is getting married to a turkish woman in Istambul. On the other hand Trevor is marring Anaïs in about a month or who knows when and we will celebrate. There seem to be no relation between these to marriages (yet) but we'll see. Me and Daan are invited in July to that Istambul Wedding and that was good news.

Somebody is buzzing at the door and no one seems to care for now. After the second time, Jill tried to open but they still buzz. (...break). Whatever.

Jill has been cooking daily (Chicken Curry, Cakes and biscuits, soft vegetable soups and rices in wonderful ways). Elodie loves us very much depending on the time of the day.

This is all for now, more information soon.