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Last weeks in the Caravanseray house

posted May 11, 2009, 6:55 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net
From emotions and opinions that I have gathered in the past weeks...
Revolving and evolving is the best name for last weeks in this house. We have had a family of 11 kiwis. The children are 8, mother, father and grandpa! A good learning experience and also a crowded house full of the most polite kids we all have ever seen around us.
Vicky hasn't slept been here very much in the past weeks but in Big Pink instead. That did never constitute a problem for anybody but may cause some logistical problems concerning the organization of her stuff in this flat and other logistical matters, because she is the person with the name on the contract.

The contact between the Caravansari and the Big Pink House is shrinking a little bit due to new members adding themselves to both sides and not getting to know each other. I remember 1 event where luckily we could all celebrate together and that is in Mariangela's surprise birthday Party. Lots of people gathered in that event to wish her a happy birthday.

Lucian cam back from travelling and we were all happy to see him. He has started a new politic of "Mise en Place". This means we should try to clean everything at the same time things are getting dirty. Specially in the kitchen, cleaning is an important part of the cooking process.

Christian quit his job for several reasons and started a revolution in the house. From deep cleaning and tiding-up to radical artistic actions everything is included in the storm.

The caravan Lounge was opened 2 weeks ago, it was a wonderful good weather feature, in the island in front of the door in our street. Table, chairs and sofa, drinking, playing and eating. Every human being was invited and we got many successful contacts in the neighbourhood. The Australian beach party followed in the same location, where, with some plastic and some tape a pool was tried to build in the hole of the tree. The leftover tape was used in an art exhibition with chairs hanging from the wall and other stuff.

These and many other activities involved drinking magic beers that took lots of the residents of this flat to even go and camp in Teufelsberg. They say the place is amazing. How can I be writing this report if I didn't take part of most of that stuff?

On my side I have been trying out many different jobs that I thought would make me happier than the ones I have. So for this reason my body has sent an alert of stop and have been sick for some days! Time to take car, enjoy and recover.

Please add here anything you consider important to remark!

Lucian just said that the name we chose has nothing to do with our place (Caravan) but he thinks everybody can name it however they want.