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They are helping to explain in words what were my dreams about the Project

posted Mar 23, 2009, 3:25 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net
If we talked to a guest more than 30 minutes, you know there is always a story behind and something to learn and to share. Recently some of our guests left special feelings in me and made me think longer after they left. It is my satisfaction to hear that they enjoyed their stay, for example because they met other travellers who joined them in city exploration or because they made significant connections. Or simply because they felt good in the house!

I find myself amazed and happy to see that we have been trusting in a theoretical and magic living solution (big part thanks to the insistence and visionary risky thinking of Lucian) , creating this project for many months and for now we don't only get the results for ourselves (we are a happy loving extended family instead of 6 crazy utopic hippy dreamers) but also we are making happy all this worldwide visitors! It is to BIG to have visitors that, after 1 or 2 (or 10) days are awake enough to appreciate what this project is about, are able to take it as their own and just make it grow!

Only when the come to me and express their opinion, tell me how they liked staying here, only then all this months of blind trusting become very significant.

They are helping to explain in words what were my dreams about the Project.

Hang, who taught me all about Lightroom and told me about his life with big trust, Josh, that filled up the house with his calm but persistent rythm (always shooting and developing). Of course Maja and Sarah who share creative minds. Norma! Of course Anick, but she is not a visitor, she lives here form far... No words for Jill and Elodie... Kyle made a good step, we will never forget the first group of Greeks, and there are many more names, just have a look at the calendar...