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Week plan 19 - 26

posted Jan 21, 2009, 10:21 AM by Lucian Cosinschi
New Tasks for the week that finishes 25 January

- Hand in 5000 flyers
- Colorise
- Take part in meetings, social activities
- Be with my father
- Bring home all that Furniture!
- Learn about my Flash
- Take part in the Cooking sessions and specially in the DOCUMENTATION of those

I still think it is partly useless because we always come up with new things to do and there are always things we plan to do but are not public. So the listing is neither true nor exhaustive!

Take care about the housing situation IMMEDIATELY - I can just hope, isn't that Catholic?
Buy a new USB stick that I need.- Bought it!
Organize the room as it helps my brain organization. - New room done
Take care of the long duration of the tones of food we bought (prevent from havint to throw away food because has gone bad) - Eaten almost completely
Organize a bit a NEW INtervieW Project with Daan - We are looking for somebody to interview.
Research about the Berlinale and the cinema scene to to a good job during the festival. - Cinema Downloads ongoing
Edit pics of holidays - NO,only some others, check my BLOGS
Colorize daily - YES almost finished
Go running for 25 - 30 minutes - Got sick - so not possible
Avoid falling into sickness that all you have! - ....


Make another badge of perfected biscuits- no but Mango pie instead!