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Week plan Jan 12 - 19

posted Jan 12, 2009, 3:06 AM by Lucian Cosinschi
Last week I managed to do
- Research on new formulas of bread making and other bakinf doughs - I used leftover cheese cake mix from Clayton to make butterfly cookies. They turned into bread biscuits with batman shape.
- Think about songs we can perform together or I would like to sing -  I gathered some songs but realized that I am not satisfied with the amount of pop westerns songs I can sing as opposed to the small amount of songs from other cultures. I could only think of the Hare Krishna and some pop love song from China. Damn I need to work on east and folk!

 - Edit all the pictures of the Snow, of Claytons cake and from the Holidays - I did the pictures of the cake and Clayton - ( http://taumh.wordpress.comhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/rosada ). Some pictures of the snow, none from the holidays. I took new nice pictures though.
- Colorize 1 image at least everyday - 80 percent success, she was happy with the images. 

- Organize this room We had a talk about it and brought us pretty much nowhere but it is a bit more clean.
- Accept any Photographic Project Suggestions I heard of no suggestions

- Prepare the first Photography Workshop for real beginners and curious - I have been rethinking the goal of such a workshop. 


- Butterfly shaped biscuits - The butterfly mold is for sand and not for dough, it made me happy for a while though.
- Get in touch with the people I care about a couple of things -

What are you planning to do this week? 

Take care about the housing situation IMMEDIATELY
Buy a new USB stick that I need.
Organize the room as it helps my brain organization.
Take care of the long duration of the tones of food we bought (prevent from havint to throw away food because has gone bad)
Organize a bit a NEW INtervieW Project with Daan
Research about the Berlinale and the cinema scene to to a good job during the festival.
Edit pics of holidays
Colorize daily
Go running for 25 - 30 minutes
Avoid falling into sickness that all you have!


Make another badge of perfected biscuits

-Calendar events:

Monday 12 - IMPORTANT meeting to talk about HOUSE and PROJECT 20h
              Happily host Christian for some days
Tuesday 13 - 
Wednesday 14 -
Thursday  15- 
Friday  16 - 
Saturday 17 - Welcome Dag our Carpenter Guest from Norway
Sunday 18 - Not go to Brunch for this week as a Statement against too much eating and conservative ideas about organization of sundays.
            - Welcome my father that comes to Berlin for 3 days