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posted Oct 7, 2009, 12:53 PM by tau@projectvolunteering.net
D: Wow Tau, come look! They wrote so much on the website! There´s almost two pages about bad communication. Isn´t that ironic?
T: Really? Well I don't know if we have time to read it, I need to pack. I'm feeling strange about why are we doing this. Why did we start our project anyway?
D: I think we just wanted to do stuff together, in group. For me, that´s achieved. We cook together, we clean together and we have nice dinners on Saturday. And above all, we complain together, often about cooking and cleaning. I think for me, we kinda achieved what I wanted for my project already, we´re just working on making it better.
T: I think the scale is gotten so big that it's impossible to keep a dialog and actually bring things into practice. It doesn't mean we agreed on something just because we didn't talk against, the whole deciding and organizing is gone out of our hands. We create large irrelevant texts and for example, for me, my life needs a big different focus right now.  There is no large term commitment - makes changes useless and impossible.
D: Well, then just do what you need to do, and don't invest your time and energy in the other things. Can it work with not every single person having an opinion about every single thing?
T: In the ideal place we would have agreed already in basic things, and slowly learn from daily matters. In this place we are trying to agree on what colour should our socks be and yet do it online and through daily talks.  
I wish I was a newcomer member, i'd be so much easier to live there for 2 months and then leave. When I walked into my door in Barcelona I felt relieved to be in a place where I could live under only 2 ppl's rules and didnt have to take care of 20 ppl's happiness. After 2 days it doesn't look so bad anymore. But I wonder if there is space for me in the house right now. I REALLY don't want anybody out, but stil I don't feel there will be a bed for me if I'm back.
D: Personally, I can´t care for everyone all the time. I hope people ask me when they need some care, and I would get annoyed by some people trying to care for me when I don´t need it. Same goes with other issues. If somebody cares about the sock colour, fine. But I´m cooking.
Anyway, right now I´m going to care for you and make you pack, so we can go to bed at a decent hour.
T: I wanted to live in a community because that is what made sense for me. There weren't really further considerations.
pack pack pack