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What did you do this week?

posted Jun 16, 2009, 1:45 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Jul 2, 2009, 4:17 PM ]

To all my friends and almost very good friends and also the best friends around here and at the Caravan.
Coud you explain in a few lines, if you feel like, what happened these days that I was away? What did you do? In Berlin or everywhere else. I would love to follow you. Add you name if it isn't there, I care for all!

Also, feel free to fill up other people's activities since some don't have log ins.

Daan: Worked in a madhouse, spend the little time he had hiding from guests(!). At the weekend he went to tramp with clayton to the wonderful farm of christian. This week he is mainly preparing the royal visit.

Christian: Got Stuck in Denmark! Being ripped of by my fellow countrymen and my self. Need to start moving - but cannot. Clayton and Daan helped me increasing my activity level. I guess it is because it is so expensive! Want to do something, read or walk. Made Edelflower juice, cooked a few times, but was mostly attached to the computer (and in this good weather, I know). I guess that must be my PMS/EMO days around now! OMG, just excute me and get it over with.






Anick: popped Paul's hitchhiking cherry, went down to Vienna, partied and presented there (was quite good, apparently!), worked, talked about the project, didn't sleep enough, sampled body fluids from two previously untasted countries, think I fell in love again, hitched to München then to Frankfurt, became a fan of Liquido - Narcotic, rode to Koblenz. Some angst regarding Hamburg, feel the time for great changes in coming (again, *sigh*)...
Tau: Waw so you were with Lucian!?


Vicky: Yes, lots of mostly lovely guests here! Fernando from Mexico even stayed twice as long as he planned to and Tess will come back to play our piano and jam with us since she's in Berlin for 1,5 more weeks. Nice :)  Also there was the crazy dumpster diving night with the food war after and taking cute pictures of Seth playing on our new bed. Alternative Pub Crawl in F'hain with Manu, Mari and Fernando (and a handful -italians that we lost on the way), Mme Claude with our guests, weirdly eating lots of meat/chicken!, bought a new toy, tried to watch Nausicaä with Manu until we more or less asleep, being happy in the beautiful room together, studied a bit, went to school more often again than the weeks before, made some money teamworking, also maybe I found a translation job for a project testing a new program/plattform, let's see.

Manuel: Lots of guests @ bigpink!, made music, f'shain pub crawl, chicken+madame claude, translating bullshits, cuddling Vicky, enjoying new room, making bread since Trev is out, trying to resuscitate Martin (the Kombucha, who's dieing), fought the lice on my roomie's head, read difficoult books in Italian (Ayurveda and Panchakarma; Guide to Critical Consumption), went nightshopping and found more than we could carry, playing the piano at home alone.

Timmy: i had a visit from one of my best friends zuzi this weekend, so for 4 nights i was in fits of giggles. on friday we gave the neighbourhood the best karaoke experience they could´ve hoped for. everything from prodigy - opera blasting out of the lounge including the serenading of a lovely girl in red. i started learning berlin in depth. i returned a lost passport. i also witnessed 3 multi-coloured caravanees at the sunday brunch and of course clayton´s party. oh, and i pimped up fabio´s scooter REAL CRAZY!!


Ula: highlight: ate 4 riped mangos in 3 days. also: on friday night went to HausB and Teufelsberg again, on monday night for an awesome liveshow & boxhopping karaoke at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke - which was all a LOT of fun! took my first couchsurfers in the new flat to vegan brunch and bumped into a lot of friends there, got back into reading and read 2 books (The Magic of Thinking Big, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World), went to the market and bought a lot of amazing vegetables and have been eating really, really healthy lately and I finally went running! and i bought a new, beautiful, white road bike from PV’s former couchsurfers for dirt cheap and did a bike trip in west berlin. failed at writing bachelor thesis or looking for a job!
TAU: It ALL sounds so nice maybe I should move out as well? Or just join you in Karaoke, Teufelsberg, reading those 2 books, run, ans bike trip.
ULA: What can I say.. it did good for me, I guess.. but I do miss everybody! How about we'll do a bike trip along the Mauerweg once you come home? Its 160km, so maybe just part of it ;P - link


Michael Lee:



Sonia Seidel:



Paul Babinsky:


Mariangela: went with Manu, Vicky and a Mexican surfer for a squat (bar) crawl in F´hain; worked, went to the uni to get some infos about a master, ate the walnut bread made by Manuel(mhmhm..), got and got ricovered (hopefully!) from lice (poor me..and others!), got an appointment for an interview as Italian teacher, had my good friend Paul visiting for 5 days at the Big Pink, had a great veggie meal at BP, got tons of zucchini for free at the Turkish market (that´s why veggie meal..),started to read Manu´s book about critical consumption, started not to use some "evil" brands the book talks about, took the first rain while biking, had a good news about our flatmate (read: trevor)




that is a bad idear i have much friends in your house and at the moment i miss you all very much but i didnt find the time to pass by but
it will come that we meet soon again i promise
hugs vs kiss
ps : i hope you are kidding that tau will leave

so now i m in a hurry i wane go to the cinema

Been to the land of the Christian Dane
Here I tested four doctors
none would tell me the same
In the end I'm not dead
just infection of the head
Danish taxes well spent
to tell me my head is quite bent

Other than this - I met lovely italians
learned how life cycles are boundless
drank hot totties - holy water coffee - and celebrated my birthday in my crash room above a teenage bar.
Ahh I'm getting old.  Off to Lisbon next week.  need to buy Berlin tix soon soon.

Uttu:"I have been sitting on air planes for approximately 24
hours, and almost the same amount of time in different
airports in the US, travelling to Santa Fe, New

When I got here, a random woman (Deanne) hugged and
picked me up at the Albuquerque airport. Poff: the next
moment I was in Santa Fe, seeing humming birds, lizards
and crazy dogs, extremely ugly architecture (brown clay
bunkers, and NO differences between the houses), being
interviewed by some radio people, having art workshops
with trouble-kids and feeling a bit awkward since
people don't hug here as much as I'm used to."

Dan: Got rained on repeatedly - sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not. Prepared to move to France; realised how much I'll miss Berlin. Became excited about my work, for once. Tried to open the doors of perception; found them jammed. Spent most of a day lazing in a park. Watched many, many thousands of schoolkids protesting for education, and got a little weepy. Failed to visit the project at all.

Nathalie: Been trying to realize and accept the fact that I'm in sweden now and that this is how my life will look like. Came to the conclusion (while walking by the beautiful glimmering sea beside a beautiful glimmering boy) that I have to make my life spontaneous and "berlineous" in order to survive here. Had a coffee with old friends and new friends and friend's friends and hanged out with my mother's family, trying to see their beauty. I've been bad at planning the future, but good at just going with the flow. Got a job but decided not to take it and today: preparing for the FIVE couchsurfers I will have this weekend (my mother's house is becoming a project volunteering while she's away) and for meeting my father that i haven't seen in a year and my little brother that I've never seen. I don't know anything about my life and the future, but instead of being afraid I'm happy for that. One thing I do know though, is how Berlin has made me become better at showing the people around me how much I love them. And that, my friends, was something I needed. I love you all.
New little brother! It all sounds cool!

I know this is an ambitious petition but it's up to you to play along :)