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another yay! yesterday i got my student visa! and not only did i get the visa but it's good until may 20, 2011. 
i had explained to the woman that i wanted to learn german over the next year and then ideally start university in the fall of next year to finish my degree. i only asked for a visa that would cover me until oct 2010, so i could have enough time get everything set at the university and i thought asking for 17 months would be pushing it. she sent me to go pay for everything and when i got back she handed me a visa for 21 months (actually 2 years from my original date of entry) 'in case i needed a bit more time'.
thank you Frau Böse.
... and for those of you who, like myself, missed the irony of the situation, böse means evil in german. 

yay! my massage chair just arrived and i am very excited! last sunday i gave seated massages in maurpark with a kitchen chair and now i will be able to give real seated massages. i am hoping that not only will i be able to give better quality massages, but the more professional look of an actual massage chair will encourage more people to get massages. woo hoo!