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im timmy. im 24. wait, wait, wait!!

first, play this song whilst reading & feel better about life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3FJAr1-g-A

ok, so...
im australian but im not home very often.
i grew up in Brisbane, Australia

late one night when i was 16 & in my final year of highschool i decided that the only way to know where i wanted to live & what i wanted to do was to live life by taking chances whilst trav
elling the world. i figured you have to live & experience many different lifestyles before you know what suits you the best. so a week after i finished school i moved overseas & started travelling. since then i´ve...

travelled lots, almost died lots, taken lots of chances & puts lots of people´s valuable possessions in jelly

i believe very highly in your ability to change yourself & evolve. you can be anyone you want to be if you want it badly enough

im 4 subjects within finishing my very drawn-out political science/history degree but it´s not a priority for me at the moment. i´ll finish it in mexico when the timing is right

travel is important to me...it´s the only constant in my life & i feel at ease when i´m on the road & in a totally new environment. i value my freedom very highly

i believe life is a game, so play hard, play fair & have fun!! :)

my work history has mostly been a mix of working with kids and socialising. it interests me to see how people socialise and interact & the assumptions we make about people we don´t really know

cricket is the best thing in th
e world