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Caravan Lounge

woohoo i can post!!

So over the last few days since sunday´s beach party we´ve been thinking about how to expand the caravan lounge downstairs:

last night we came up with the idea of ping-pong and that quickly evolved into a spinning pingpong game with a rotating board using our blackboard. so that´s 1 table almost ready.  the idea is to get at least 2 other pingpong tables going along a "crazy ping pong" theme.

i think that there should be multiply activites available. maybe 3 in total and then the actual lounge is where you can chill and talk.

in terms of activities in the process we now have

1. pool
2. crazy ping pong
3. ???

in terms of decorations and other atmosphere stuff:

music, disco balls in the trees, a sign telling people that they are free to join us (as that was the original concept)

so what we need....

1. ideas for the pingpong tables and rules
2. help to make the other tables
3. ideas for another activity there
4. ideas for anything else you think would make it fun and interesting

we were also kicking around the idea of a christening party to kick it all off when we´re ready maybe in 2 weeks on the weekend??