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Lucid Dreaming


Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? (matrix)

lucid dreaming is basically virtual reality. a place where everything is possible. imagine a world where you have total control, total presence and total knowledge that what you´re experiencing isn´t real. for most people dreams are fleeting, vague images from the previous night, lost in a memory designed to focus on the task at hand; coping with the new day.

have you ever been in a dream and known that actually you´re asleep in your bed?? remembered the previous day´s activities and your plans for tomorrow despite being immersed in an unknown world?? known that all you see is fake and a product of your imagination, limited only by control and fear??

this in essence is what lucid dreaming is. recognising that you are dreaming and literally "waking up" whilst still in your dream. like the matrix it is very difficult to express the full nature of the experience to someone who has never lived it. what makes it harder still is that everyone dreams and some may have had lucid dreams in the past without experiencing  the full potential...

i prefer to think of lucid dreams in terms of percentages, or what percentage i was "awake" in my dreams. the more awake you are the more real it seems and the more you are able to control and remember

here are some examples

10% awake... i may realise that im dreaming and that i can change my surrondings but have difficulty remembering where im sleeping etc.

30% awake...  i may realise that im dreaming and know that i can change things and that the month is july and i went to bed early

60% awake...i can change things, i know that i live in berlin, and tomorrow ive got to do something, and yesterday was tuesday

80% awake... i know exactly what bed im sleeping in, what day it is, roughly what time it is, what i did yesterday and will do tomorrow

100% awake...you are simply totally awake and in another word which you have complete control over

ive only had an 100% lucid dream once, but it was by a long way the best experience of my life. it was quite simply being in another world which felt & looked more real than reality with me being 100% in the moment .

ok so i wanna talk about triggers. a trigger is something which makes you realise you are dreaming. it usually happens when for some reason you question the nature of your dream, something most people never do. dreams dont make sense and we get used to that, therefore we never question them but if we do we often find out we´re dreaming and therefore become lucid and can control them.

2 examples:

a dream where i was 50% lucid:

i was on a train with a friend and the train all of a sudden started travelling in the opposite direction. i asked my friend about this who told me "no it wasn´t". but i knew it had been and asked him again. this time he didnt have an answer. everything in your dream is created by you so when you question something so intently that you stop creating answers for your dreams characters, your characters generally stop talking because their script has stopped being written.

it´s like in vanilla sky at the end on the rooftop where tom cruise asks his dream shrink the names of his children and because they dont exist he can´t think up his children´s names. all he can do is try and assure tom that "they´re real" which of course they´re not.

because my friend couldn´t give me an answer to that question,  i then asked him "am i dreaming??" and when he still said nothing i knew i was and everything suddenly became incredibly real. still 50% but amazing. my friend turned into a rainbow thingy which was one of the most beautiful things i´ve ever seen. as soon as i realised i was dreaming and became lucid the whole nature of my dream reality was transformed. i was in the moment. and when i woke it was like everything had happened a second ago (which it had). you never wake slowly from lucid dreams. you´re already awake. the trigger in this dream was the train and then you can usually confirm it via something else

the one and only dream where i was 100% lucid

i was walking with a friend listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IwYQ1Vqf_4
i suddenly realised i wasnt wearing earphones and asked my friend where the music was coming from. he just stared at me and in an instant i KNEW i was dreaming and my surrondings changed to a long dark hallway.

in a instant i was in another world. 100% awake. 100% aware. 100% real. 100% knowing that everything i was experiencing was from my own sub-conscious and that i could control it. it was incredible. beyond explantion. i starting running  and flew horizontally down the hallway but stopped as the extreme speed left me breathless. i saw a figure in front of me. a wierd morphing dreamlike figure and it totally freaked me out and i woke up with a surge of adreneline. the whole thing had lasted maybe 15 seconds.

other things i´ve experienced are

  • flying
  • blowing things up
  • changing colours
  • creating anything you can imagine
  • trying successfully to gauge the actual time and then waking myself up to see the accuracy
  • asking about the future
  • trying to stay in the dream for as long as possible
this is just a start if people are interested i can talk about

  1. how to induce lucid dreams via triggers
  2. how to prevent waking up once in the dream
  3. how to move from being a little lucid to fully lucid
  4. how to gain control once lucid
  5. how to use lucid dreams to enhance your life