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i like that we have new residents and that current residents have the opportunity to go travelling over the summer
i dont like that due to work i have barely met our new residents/get to know them well
i like that fabio goes out of his way all the time to make my life that little bit easier
i dont like that there seems to be some tension in the house
i like that jake has work and seems to be enjoying it thoroughly
i dont like the s-bahn being under repair and me having to entertain 200+ drunk customers for 60 mins at alexandeplatz train station
i like my job
i dont like when neo-nazis start picking fights with my customers
i like that i've got friends visiting me regularly these days
i dont like that i have to work every weekend and miss our dinners and parties...but...
...i like that daan took the time to have a beer with me before i left for work today :)
i dont like jade screeching every 3 seconds
but i sorta do :)...because i love jade's enthusiasm
i like that although many couchsurfers pass me by i occasionally meet lifelong friends through this place
i like that every second thought on this blog doesn't have to be negative
i like that at 4:30 the sunrise from our place is amazing...