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there is no constant constellation, there is no final destination, there is no monkey...

posted Jun 18, 2009, 2:57 PM by timothy@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Jun 18, 2009, 4:35 PM ]

WARNING: this blog and all those in the future are only to be read whilst listening to the approriately dedicated music!!

soundtrack for this blog (open in new window): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvLDm8821jQ

things im in the process of doing:

1. learning 800 years of Berlin history
2. obtaining a statutory declaration from the australian embassy
3. starting my dream journal in order to induce lucid dreams (more about this in the future)
4. continuing to not drink
5. changing my sleeping pattern to being able to sleep before 2am and get up before 10am...it´s difficult!!
6. preparing for
fusion festival, i need a tent!! any help??
7. writing a blog
8. taking multi-vitamins

things i´ve done

1. booked radiohead tickets for prague 23rd august
2. booked a one-way ticket to brazil for when berlin begins to get cold and tragic
3. finally deciphered the viking´s attempt at getting me to start a blog
4. woken-up in potsdam after a BIG night out :)
5. not worked for 2 nights in a row
6. put on record that my favourite german word is officially "snookie" which according to urban dictionary is defined thusly:
snookie 112 up, 16 down love it hate it

pet name for a lover or bf/gf.
He is my snookie! or I love you, Snookie, Muah!

7. decided that those 16 people who put a thumbs down to that definition of "snookie" are loveless & lonely & therefore should come on my pub crawl tonight & makeout with random tourists and call them "snookie" all night

things i will do

1. collect rent for july
2. track down cheapy caravan keys
3. endeavour to record events on the website
4. find a way to get more people into this house
5. eat a piece of chocolate within the next minute because chocolate is yummie to the max!!
6. makeout with a random tourist tonight and call them "snookie" all night and post it on this blog

this is the end...beautiful friend
can you picture what will be...so limitless and free
desperately in need of some...stranger´s hand
in a...desperate land

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