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Christmas- / New Year - week log

posted Dec 30, 2008, 6:09 AM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Jan 5, 2009, 2:22 AM ]
Last week:
I spend christmas in Poland - it was very nice to see all my family members again because the last time I was there was about 5 year ago. Although it was also a bit of a culture shock because i don't really speak Polish, and nobody else spoke English or German... so I spent most of the time being quite silent. But I re-activated a lot of the language just by listening all the time. I knew I would but the amount was still astonishing. Anyway I was the happiest girl in the world when I came back to Berlin to enjoy all these beloved and so open minded people :o)

Next week (rest of this week as it is already Tuesday...):
Finally visit people at the Berlin Winter Camp as for some weird unknown reason I bought a ticket ^^ (Completed, I spend one nice evening there and took finally part in a free hugs campagne :) )
Kicking my stepdad's ass to get his f*%&§#" Schufa statetment so we can finally get the contract for this flat and sign it (Got it but still waiting for one last paper...)
Keep studying stuff for my upcoming university exams after the holidays. This week focus on "Grundlagen Theatertechnik" (Well... I did something... a little... until about Tuesday...)
Going to Scherer8 to help preparing the brunch - maybe trying the thai red-currypaste-sauce recepy I learnt yesterday (Yeah, we helped and made a salad and a banana-sauce-dessert)
Have a great New Years Party with a lot of awesome people! (Yeah² it was awesome, thanks a lot everybody!!!)