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financial overview

posted Jun 19, 2009, 6:25 AM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Jun 19, 2009, 7:18 AM ]
Ok, this is me again with funny money issues :)

1) I just got a letter from the Hausverwaltung saying that our rent account is 250 € short because I missunderstood something. When I registered Tau, Daan, Chris, Lucian and Clayton as official subrenters of the flat they told me that that subletting the place leads to some kind of fee we have to pay. I thought this was already included in the amount of rent because they knew that I was going to sublet the place and they knew we would be 6 people there officially. Apparently I was wrong and the actual amount of warm rent we have to transfer them every month is 1312,66 €, so 50 € more.
I will first, to cover the Hausverwaltung's rent account, transfer the money from our Water-Electricity-Internet-Collection account so we are fine in front of the authorities. But we have to replace that since this money is destined for bills in the end of the year (view my previous log entry).
Any volunteers to collect that from people? My donation will be 40 Euros. Please follow.
Thanks and sorry!

I got another letter about the water accident the other day. They will send us bills for drying the floor/ceiling, an electrician testing if there are any problems caused by the water running down from our flat to the neighbours downstairs and a painter covering the damage caused. Expect quite high numbers.

3) In the meeting yesterday we agreed on calculating exactly how much money we payed every month so far and balancing with up to now colected donations to cover the final water and electricity bills. I looked in the account to check the amounts that came in every month. I already substracted the 50 Euros for the Internet bill from those numbers since we payed those already every month.
According to what I calculated our consumption of water and electricity for every month is ca. 490 €
We payed in
February: 287,67 €
March: 280,00 € (telefonebill was almost 8 €, all other months no telefone-use)
April: 287,67 €
May: 467,67 €
June: 250 €

That means we are 625 € short for utilities!!!

or actually 875 € short in total since, like I explained above, we have to balance the official rent account, too.

How many donations do we have???

In that account I have:
100 € of donations

and 100 € that are destined for buying a new sink