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Move completed

posted Dec 15, 2008, 12:24 PM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net
Yesterday I finally completed my move from the Big Pink House which makes me feel really happy because now the carrying-heavy-stuff-through-the-city thing came to an end. I started to be quite sick of it anyway. Now I have everything here together (except maybe some single small pieces... hm writing that now I remeber the I(-coffee) POD...) and I even managed to get at least some sort of order in everything. My mother even send us some kitchen stuff that she doesn't need and tha tmight me usefull for us. Ok, it's too much like always when (my) parents send me things but hey, who minds a good knife, pan etc.? :o)

So after all these moving- and flat-/furniture-issues last week I can or should start to focus on my upcoming exam period from now on!