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Week Apr 27 - May 3rd

posted Apr 26, 2009, 6:12 AM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net

Ok, let's retry this habit :)

This week I want to

- get everyone's rent money and transfer

- organize the trash-system in the prject (make signs, have steady places for things)

- answer the letter I got from the Hausverwaltung

- send my GEZ stuff back (copy BAFöG and other stuff - I don't have to pay god damn it! :D )

- write Sascha: he still owns us 300 Euros and I'm sick of his useless stuff that is polluting our place for nothing

- ride my bike where ever I can

- spend more time outside in this beautiful weather

- study hard, especially Mechanik and prepare lab again for Tuesday next week (Wärmeleitung)

- finally prepare my world map (put the collected cardboard behind) and find a place to put it on the wall :)

- clean, organize my stuff

- retake my personal challenge, the reason why I live in the project: trying to spend more time living instead of wasting it on stressing myself